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Lukisan Gunakan Jari Oleh Iris Scott (18 Gambar )


Finger painting is now fine art the hands of 28 year old artist Iris Scott. Her latest body of work, “The Thailand Collection,” brought to life the beauty she witnessed during a jaunt to Asia this past December. The originals are on display at Cole Gallery.

Iris excitedly embarks now on the creation of her next set of originals, “The Nicaragua Collections.” She draws her inspiration from a month spent backpacking through the beautiful country this past April.

Oil finger painting started for Iris in 2009 when she had been living in Southern Taiwan, the artist came upon the technique by chance and has not used brushes since. An appetite for travel coupled with a healthy obsession with painting has made Iris a prolific contemporary Impressionist…with a twist.

For more please visit artist’s webpage


Iris Scott Fingerpainting — Dog Shaking


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