Mesin Atm Bitcoin Dilancar Di Singapura

03-02-2014, 12:25 PM,
Quote:Tiada sekatan undang-undang berkaitan urusan penggunaan bitcoin buat setakat ini di Singapura menurut Menteri Kewangannya, namun pihak kerajaan akan terus memantau.

Mesin ATM adalah buatan syarikat tempatan Singapura juga sedia untuk dijual, dilengkapi sistem keselamatan pengesahan cap jari.

The bitcoin ATM at Citylink Mall is owned by Singapore company Bitcoin Exchange. The company plans to launch more bitcoin ATMs in the region.

The Straits Times
Sunday, Mar 02, 2014

SINGAPORE - Singapore is now home to two of Asia's first bitcoin ATMs, which will allow users to feed in Singapore dollars and buy the virtual currency.

One made-in-Singapore ATM was launched on Thursday at a bar called The Spiffy Dapper in Boat Quay, while another, imported from the British Virgin Islands, will be launched today at Citylink Mall.

The machines aim to make it easier for bitcoin buyers here, who up to now have had to wire money to a foreign exchange to buy bitcoins and wait at least a day for the transaction to be completed.

The Singapore ATMs are believed to be among the world's first in operation for bitcoins, following similar machines in Canada and the United States.

Many more ATMs are planned this year, including in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and London.

Bitcoin has become one of the world's most popular virtual currencies since its launch in 2008. Bitcoins are encrypted, not backed by any single company or government, and can be transferred directly between users without the need for a third party.

But the fledgling currency also faces risks. On Tuesday, a Japan-based exchange abruptly shut down amid concerns about possible theft. Users who had stored their bitcoins on the exchange, Mt Gox, were left unable to access their money.

This resulted in the value of bitcoin falling more than US$100 (S$126) on Tuesday. One bitcoin was worth about US$570 as of Thursday night, well down from its peak of over US$1,000.

Japanese regulators said on Thursday they would look into the closure of Mt Gox, but added that any regulation of bitcoin should involve international cooperation, according to a report by Reuters.

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Mesin Atm Bitcoin Dilancar Di Singapura
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