Pets Are Friends, Not Property

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Kristin Silva

Whether you adopt, buy or come by it happenstance, giving a home to an animal is a huge responsibility. You become their lifeline and owning a pet is not something that should be taken lightly.

I’ve seen students who live in a dorm or an on-campus apartment with puppies who know the rules regarding pets in on-campus housing, yet choose to disregard those rules. Students are putting themselves in a position to be potentially kicked out of housing or be forced to find their animal a new home. As a result of these rules, the pet is passed around from home to home, living with strangers in a cage when all-in-all the situation itself was completely avoidable.

A pet is not a necessity. Just because you want one, doesn’t mean you should get one. Yes, you can afford the adoption fee or maybe you got the animal for free, but can you afford to feed it, pay the vet bills as needed and provide adequate shelter with consistent love and attention? If you answered no to any of those questions, you don’t need a pet and should not try to get one. Don’t be an irresponsible pet owner.

Animals need to form a bond with their owner, that’s the point of owning a pet. If they are getting passed around person to person, home t0 home, they aren’t forming a bond with you, and it’s just like they were back at the shelter getting affection from randoms each week. It’s confusing for them not knowing who their primary caretaker is.

With that being said, if you are looking for a pet and are ready to be a responsible pet owner, Wichita Falls Animal Services has dropped the adoption fee to $14 with an approved adoption application on Feb. 14 only. This offers people an affordable option to find a furry friend and give it a forever home.

Kristin Silva is a mass communication junior.

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Pets Are Friends, Not Property
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