Serpihan Dipercayai Mh370 Ditemui Di Pantai Afrika Selatan

01-30-2017, 01:16 PM,
Possible MH370 part found on South African beach


A South African aviation forum, Avcom, posted pictures of what could be more parts from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 last Friday.

A posting on the Avcom forum for enthusiasts of aircrafts and flying activities in general, with the topic name, “Aircraft parts wash up on local beach – Transkei”, refers to a beach area just outside the town of East London along the lower east coast area of South Africa.

The original posting, on Jan 27 at 10.20am local time (4.20pm Malaysian time), by a forum member named Steve Onions said: “This morning, a local person found some items that washed up on a beach on the Transkei coast near East London that looked like they could be from an aircraft.

"They sent the cell phone pics taken of these parts to one of our local aviators and the pics have been sent to our local ATC who will circulate them and notify the relevant authorities.”

According to some forum members, the barnacle-encrusted part looks like it could be a “wing to body fairing or flap track canoe fairing”.

The part is thought to be from the trailing edge structure of the wing of a large commercial airliner, like a Boeing 747 or B777.

Aside from a photo of the part that was found, from four separate angles, the forum also showed comparative photos of the intact trailing wing area of a Boeing 777. - FMT

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